Hey there,

I have a NANT script running against an 85-project solution file with most references being project references.  The behavior of this build script has me a little puzzled though.  When NANT is first executing, it chugs through about half of the projects in the solution in very good time.  However, after this it starts getting slow - and I mean *really* slow (as in, 5-10 minutes to compile a project - and they aren't large projects)!    My NANT build, after being left to run on its own devices, ended up taking something like 9740 seconds [2 hours].  I can tell you that VS itself only takes around 5-15 minutes for the build, so I'm thinking this is a bit abnormal. 

My two questions:
1) any ideas on why the performance would be degrading so badly? 
2) any ways I can speed this up?

My NANT build file is simply using the solution task to build a particular solution, and the projects in the solution are all project references.  I've tried doing some searches on Google to find instances where NANT is behaving slowly but haven't found anything except some notes on resource generation being painfully slow. 

Any help you can offer me is greatly appreciated!