I also want to give a big thanks to Gert and everyone else who contributed to the latest nAnt release.
My group and I have had similar results upgrading from 0.82 and 0.83 to 0.84 as David mentioned.
We have utilized several of the new tasks into our builds.
Thanks again!

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Just wanted to share a big Texas thank you with all the guys 'n gals who devoted all the time and effort to make NAnt what it is for a nearly flawless upgrade event this morning.  A huge thank you, too, to whoever squared away the NAntContrib project @ SF.


At about 0300 CST this morning, I dropped the new NAnt and NAntContrib onto our build servers... just before the 4am scheduled master rebuild of everything by Draco.  And I rolled in a fresh install of NUnit 2.1.4 (to replace 2.0) and a new 1.7.1 of our SqlBooster data access layer at the same time.  (No, after all these years, I still haven't learned. :)


NAnt only freaked out once with the first build script I tested (for some reason a dynamically-generated name attribute for an <excludes /> was evaluating to an empty string in some bizarre case (which apparently was OK with v0.83 but is *not* OK with v0.84, very touchy about empty names).  It was an easy fix to the build script, though.


So, we be in production with some where north of a 160 different builds on several different build servers with v0.84.  (Although the SqlTask is *much* more chatty now.)  Draco has churned out 836 CI builds using v0.84 so far today à developers are such busy little people so close to a deadline that's fixin' to go whizzing by without so much as a howdy... and everything's very happy, especially my wife since I actually got some sleep this morning.  Very cool.


Y'all rock!


[Oh, and a Merry Nuevo Annum to all.]




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