#314 ResGen task does not use dynamicprefix

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--- Description ---
The Resgen task is not using the dynamic prefix (passed
through the <resourcefileset>) properly.

Currently it is just prefixing the value of the dynamic
prefix to the resource filename while creating a
.resource file. It does not resolve the complete
subfolder names to generate the appropriate .resource

--- Steps To Reproduce ---
(see attached repro)
1) Create a resource file Foo.en-us.resx, under the
relative project path .\Bar\

2) Compile the resource file using the following NAnt task
<resources prefix="Example" dynamicprefix="true">
<include name="**\*.resx" />

3) Execute NAnt.exe 0.85 in the project root directory

--- Expected Result ---
A file named "Example.Bar.Foo.en-us.resources" should
be created in the subdirectory .\Bar\

--- Actual Result ---
The file is incorrectly named
"Example.Foo.en-us.resources" ; the dynamic prefix from
the subdirectory "Bar" is missing.

--- Suggested Fix ---

The function ResourceFileSet::GetManifestResourceName()
gets the correct resource name. It should be used by
the ResGen task.

Edit project file
".\src\NAnt.DotNet\Tasks\ResGenTask.cs" line # 346:

Current Line #346:
> FileInfo outputFile = GetOutputFile(new
FileInfo(filename), Resources.Prefix);

Fixed Line # 346:
> FileInfo outputFile = new FileInfo(
Resources.GetManifestResourceName(filename, filename));


  • stj3570

    stj3570 - 2005-02-23

    Bug Repro Archive

  • stj3570

    stj3570 - 2005-02-23

    Fixed ResGenTask.cs

  • stj3570

    stj3570 - 2005-02-23

    Logged In: YES

    CORRECTION: Should fix lines # 374-375 and # 411-412

  • Gert Driesen

    Gert Driesen - 2005-02-24
    • assigned_to: nobody --> drieseng
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Gert Driesen

    Gert Driesen - 2005-02-24

    Logged In: YES

    This is now fixed in CVS. The patch you supplied was not
    correct though, as it did not honor the "todir" attribute.

    But thanks anyway !


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