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W32 port of nPlot-0.4.9 finally released!

All problems with Windows build are finally resolved; for a list of new
features compared to 0.4.8-r3, see previous news item for 0.4.9 source and
GNU/Linux release.

Posted by Mariusz Adamski 2010-03-06

nPlot 0.4.9 released

After over a year of development, I'm pleased to announce release of nPlot 0.4.9.

* Switched to libxml for loading/saving session files
* Preliminary plugin support
* Partial migration to GNU gettext
* Ability to use various data types; expandable through plugins
* Fixed saving and loading zeroline state

Again, please note, that project files saved with older versions will not work with this one.... read more

Posted by Mariusz Adamski 2009-09-21

Another minor release: nPlot 0.4.8-r3

* New build system
* Added ability do use row index in plots (RFE:1898579)
* Improved chart drawing
* Chart can be now scaled with middle mouse button
* Lots of usability enhancements

Important: Due to modifications in the architecture, projects saved with previous versions may not work properly with new version.

Posted by Mariusz Adamski 2008-05-18

Maintenance release: nPlot 0.4.8-r2

Fixed some bugs and couple of smaller issues.

Posted by Mariusz Adamski 2008-02-20

nPlot 0.4.8 released

Yesterday, GNU/Linux packages of the version 0.4.8 were released; Windows package will be available as soon as some issues with the build are resolved.
* Fixed a bug with deleting chart elements which potentialy could lead to a segmentation fault
* Added ability to save and load session files
* Chart is now drawn with Cairo for consistency with exports
* Added ability to plot data in different colors
* Chart can be now scrolled with right mouse button
* Added legend
* Lots of other improvements

Posted by Mariusz Adamski 2008-02-07

nPlot 0.4.7 released

* More fittings: exponential, logarithmic, power and gauss
* Added ability to add more data sets to chart
* Added ability to sort data in spreadsheet
* TeX interpreter was rewritten in more group-oriented manner - works much better now
* PNG export was rewritten to use Cairo; exporting via Qt wasn't working well
* Some smaller improvements

Posted by Mariusz Adamski 2007-10-13

nPlot 0.4.6 released

* Fixed a very unpleasant bug causing nPlot to freeze if the data on X axis were orders of magnitude higher than the data on Y axis
* Added data reader and coordinate reader
* Added ability to plot data with error bars
* Added ability to import data with multiple columns
* Added nice icons for choosing TeX symbols in axes labels
* Changed window icon from ugly Times "n" to beautiful Computer Modern Math Italic "n" (unfortunately, it looks rather badly on Windows; maybe I'll change it in the next release)

Posted by Mariusz Adamski 2007-06-28

nPlot 0.4.5 released

* Added some elements of TeX syntax in axes labels (subscripts - "_", superscripts - "^" and greek letters - "\alpha", "\beta", etc.)
* Added new exports: PDF, PS, PNG; old ones was rewritten to use Cairo
* Added notepad, removed "console" (some users pointed out, that this will be better)
* Some minor fixes

Posted by Mariusz Adamski 2007-02-25

Release 0.4.4

* Added peak finding
* Added some more spreadsheet actions in the row headers context menu (set as begin/end, insert/remove rows, go to row)
* Added ability to plot in different scales (logarythmic, reciprocal, sqrt)
* Fixed minor bug in export
* Some smaller changes

Posted by Mariusz Adamski 2006-11-18

Release 0.4.3

* Fixed bug that causes data points appear lower
* Added grid
* Added axes labels

Posted by Mariusz Adamski 2006-10-10

Release 0.4.2

* Added cubic fitting
* Added quart fitting
* Some smaller changes and bug-fixing

Posted by Mariusz Adamski 2006-08-28

Release 0.4.1

* Added quadratic fitting
* More chart settings
* Some minor fixes

Posted by Mariusz Adamski 2006-08-17

Release 0.4

* Added new export - SVG
* Added axis labeling
* Added some spreadsheet actions (copy, paste, clear)
* Added chart mouse wheel zooming and scrolling with cursor keys
* Many bug fixes and smaller improvements

Posted by Mariusz Adamski 2006-08-06