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  • Andre Krumb

    Andre Krumb - 2005-09-28


    I've created me a small script with 2 select fields. First with folders (read by php) and second with images. The Images load if a folder is selected. It works fine but then I tried to implement it into my site an everything goes wrong. First I put the najax header stuff at top of index. But I only gave it out if needed so it was in a PHP IF. Nothing happend. I deleted the if and oh wonder it works!? (it wasnt a php mistake) What has a php if to do with header or html??? Next problem is the rest of the script is also in a elseif construct and there also doesnt work anything. I see all the stuff but the callback methods dont do anything.

    Andre K.

    • Andre Krumb

      Andre Krumb - 2005-09-28

      ok second problem is solved
      set_time_limit does something with the header
      but first problem is still there:




      if (NAJAX_Server::runServer()) {


      <?= NAJAX_Utilities::header('najax') ?>

      if you delete the if statement it will work
      its no php mistake

      • Stan Angeloff

        Stan Angeloff - 2005-09-29


        Please take a look at: This is known bug in NAJAX. To fix it you should provide the callback URL for each class manually. Try:

        NAJAX_Client::register(object, 'index.php?gallerys=' . $_GET['what']);

        Patch will be available in version Please note that NAJAX will be renamed soon, but you can still use the current site for news and updates.

    • Andre Krumb

      Andre Krumb - 2005-09-29

      thx this solved the bug

      and by the way great project
      I tried over 5 ajax frameworks and yours is the easiest to use and with the best doku. if you need help with php mail me. I work since 2000 as web dev, but Im not so well with js


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