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naiv 0.4.0 pre 8 available

Although still not the full 0.4.0 (and in fact still a little far from it), this release of naiv is the first one to feature a proper caching mechanism. Granted it is not fully tested and can cause the JVM to run out of memory (this is currently being investigated).

Other new (re-developed) features include the autoflick function and a statusbar.

Please note that this is still a pre-release and hence not entirely stable.

Posted by Christian Rainer Unger 2004-11-11

naiv 0.2 and 0.3 out, 0.4 in

naiv has undergone a complete re-write as a result of a throwaway prototype. Although not quite yet at the functionality of the 0.3 series, the software runs more stably, than ever before. The last release was tested successfully on Windows XP (and of course Linux, which is the development base) and found to be working exactly the same as the Linux release.

The current release (pre6) has not been tested extensively on Windows yet, but should work fine. Linux operation is excellent, so much so, that despite it's less features the 0.4 series is now the only series available for download. ... read more

Posted by Christian Rainer Unger 2004-08-14

Not Another Image Viewer (naiv) 0.3.2 is available now

Another development release of naiv is available as of today.

naiv is currently in heavy design and development with focus on enhancing it's usability & features. This version is based in part on algorithm designs that have been completed, some that have been implemented, and other issues that were critical to progress in the project.

A pleasant side effect is that due to a variety of bug fixes the caching algorithm seems to be working well now, though it is due to be replaced with a proper multi threaded algorithm (designed as part of 0.3.2). ... read more

Posted by Christian Rainer Unger 2004-04-10

Not Another Image Viewer (naiv) 0.3.1 is available now

The 0.3.x series was recently started with the milestone release of 0.3.0. naiv 0.3.1 sees multiple enhancements to the existing program, which actually works.
Although just as stable as 0.2.3r3, currently there are a number of known issues which are being addressed at the moment. Never the less, due to some major changes of the code base this is an exciting release.

The remained of the 0.3.x series will focus on enhancing existing features, rather then introducing new ones.

Posted by Christian Rainer Unger 2004-02-04

Not Another Image Viewer 0.2.3 r2 Released

Another milestone revision, unlike revision 1 of 0.2.3 which entailed very few changes, the latest release was a biggie:
- new config file location
- log file generation
- inclusion of GPL in code (yes, long overdue)
- revised information screen
- more options
- more bug fixes
- more main routine revision
- better startup routine
but wait, there's more... :)
... and more there will be.
Check the website ( ) for more information, or grab the release itself.

Posted by Christian Rainer Unger 2003-11-04

Not Another Image Viewer 0.2.3 r0 Released

Friday the 13th...

Well after only 2.5 month the latest naiv is out, i apologize for the delay, but hopefully the support of Windows makes the wait worthwhile,

YES, naiv now works with Windows.
Fullscreen is finally true fullscreen (ironically this works better in Windows than in Linux ... don't worry, this will be addressed).
An optional menubar has been added, and some bugs fixed (others uncovered)... read more

Posted by Christian Rainer Unger 2003-06-13

Not Another Image Viewer (naiv) 0.2.2 release 3 is out

The final version of 0.2.2 is out today. Changes include a complete redesign of the image display and automated scaling routine. Bug fixes and revised default settings, as well as revised options with regards to scrollbar policies.

Posted by Christian Rainer Unger 2003-03-27

Not Another Image Viewer (naiv) 0.2.2 release 2 is out

A revision of naiv 0.2.2 has been released.
The release features more indepth source code documentation, some bugfixes as well as a rewrite of the central image scaling algorithm.

Posted by Christian Rainer Unger 2003-03-20

Not Another Image Viewer (naiv) 0.2.2 is out

Zoom function (bound to mousewheel button), enhanced interface, several bugfixes, and improved fullscreen operation. Of course, there is more but just try the viewer :)
(Requires Java 1.4.1, is optimized for Linux)

Posted by Christian Rainer Unger 2003-03-02

naiv - Not Another Image Viewer - Version 0.2.1 released

The new version of naiv features a revised startup routine, in particular the file sort and filtering has been revised. A slide show feature ("Autoflick") has been implemented. Furthermore, the Options menu has been extended, and some options, related to the newly implemented features, have been activated.

Posted by Christian Rainer Unger 2003-02-09

naiv 0.2.0 released

Not Another Image Viewer has been updated to include WrapScrolling (revision2), Windows compatibility (tested and confirmed from two sources). Configuration has been re-enabled, and bugs have been corrected.

Posted by Christian Rainer Unger 2003-01-31

naiv 0.1.2 src released

not another image viewer 0.1.2 source code release with local copilation script (for linux) released. Only confirmed working in linux using j2sdk1.4.1_01.
Release updates menu and contains various bug fixes. Not a milestone release.

Posted by Christian Rainer Unger 2003-01-09

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