importing current nagios config files

  • Valcho

    Valcho - 2006-03-01

    Is there any plans to make possible importing of the already existing nagios config files? Also I think it might be useful to keep some kind of backup of the old config changes into the mysql database and to make possible to revert them.
    Best Regards.

    • Josh Konkol

      Josh Konkol - 2006-03-01

      That would be a nice feature to be able to import current files, however I just haven't put a high priority on it.  Maybe in the future.

      I do agree with your second point on backing up config changes.  I've thought about building an archive config process into the Write Config page.  I'll see what I can do.


    • Dave

      Dave - 2006-05-19

      I could really use this feature too. The web interface is great for doing maint. or for adding a small number of servers/services, but I found myself with a need to enter 300+ servers recently and was forced to automate the proccess by writing a shell script to dump nagios config files directly. Problem is, now I am unable to use nagiosweb to reconfig those servers/services...

      IMHO this feature (along with some nicer packaging) would make this a "full featured" product, perhaps even one that might be submitted back to the nagios dev team for inclusion in the main branch...

    • Vasiliy Boulytchev

      Any status on this? :)


    • Thrill

      Thrill - 2006-10-26

      Importing current config files should be a high priority.  Many Nagios users have already setup their configuration before the need for the Web Config arises, and could use the Nagios Web Config to allow other administrators (whom maybe should not have direct access to the etc directory) to make ongoing additions or changes.  We have a complex setup and would not be able to use the Web Config unless it imported the current config.  If anyone else is in this situation, please post!

    • Adam Skinner

      Adam Skinner - 2006-12-14

      I've just set up nagiosweb for an existing nagios server. Im gutted I cannot import my settings. PLEASE MAKE THIS KNOW IN THE README!

    • Nate

      Nate - 2006-12-18

      You have to understand that everyone's config files are written differently.  Writing a script to take into account the million different ways the configs can be written takes a ton of time.  Just grind it out.  I had to add over 500 devices back into the system, however now that it is done - NagiosWeb will greatly improve the application. 

      Thanks Josh for all your work!!!

    • Josh Konkol

      Josh Konkol - 2006-12-22

      Thank you everyone for understanding what natersjch is saying.  It would be a great undertaking (greater than I) and I just don't see it happening in the near future.  I will make a change to the README to point this lacking feature out.



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