Dan Spray - 2007-01-17


I have installed nagiosweb and everything went fine or so I thought.  After completing all the steps and visiting the first link I get something like the following:

Host Group Name      Members      Services
%s    ', $myhg["hostgroup_id"], $myhg["hostgroup_name"]); $hostgroup_id = $myhg["hostgroup_id"]; $i=0; $memberquery = mysql_query("SELECT hosts.host_id, hosts.host_name FROM hosts, hostgroup_members WHERE hostgroup_members.hostgroup_id='$hostgroup_id' and hosts.host_id = hostgroup_members.host_id ORDER BY hosts.host_name"); while ($mymember=mysql_fetch_array($memberquery)) { if ($i>2) { echo ''; $i=0; } $i++; printf("\n", $mymember["host_id"], $mymember["host_name"]); } echo "
    "; $servicequery = mysql_query("SELECT DISTINCT service_id, service_description FROM services WHERE hostgroup_id='$hostgroup_id'"); while ($myservice=mysql_fetch_array($servicequery)) { printf("", $myservice["service_id"], $myservice["service_description"]); } echo "
"; } ?>

Instead of the actual information.  It does this for all the links.  I would attach a screenshot but it doesn't look like I can.