Pax - 2007-04-19

No sooner had I got ride of not being able to write the configs than I find something else bugging me.

Maybe it is just me and I'm not doing something right.

When I click on services on the sidebar, which references servicelist.php, and it loads the which shows the default service "All Hosts Check" which is created by the install, but there is no "Add Service" field or button.

I've checked php logs and there are no errors, all other screens have the button and field on there, except this one.

Something I've done? I am using V1.3, and tried to copy the file back from the source. The file has the same ownership and access rights as the rest.

I can get around it by using host groups, but would rather use service groups for some item checks, which is the way I am sure that Nagios was designed.

Also, does anyone else get bugged by when you click on one of the side bar items (nagios or nagiosweb) that it opens up as if it's target was _default rather than into the other side of the table.

Does anyone know if you can change that behaviour?