New Nagios web project

  • Joel Koglin

    Joel Koglin - 2008-08-03

    I have tried a few times to get in touch with jkonkol, but email to him bounces everytime. I am starting a new project using his code and making improvements. I have already removed the register_globals requirement from the code as php 6 wont support that feature. Anyone that cares please reopen your bugs and feature requests. The new project name will be ncix (Nagios Configuration Interface X) The X is for my intended support for current and future nagios versions. I have no intention of taking away from what he has made already and I would gladly work with him on this project, however  was not able to get in touch with him and it seems as there hasn't been any development on this project in over a year.

  • arfaoui

    arfaoui - 2012-03-08

    hello, if it please you help me how to install the Nagios web config


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