Missing serverinfo.php

  • Bryan

    Bryan - 2006-10-03

    Hello, I am running NagiosWeb 1.3, with Nagios 2.5.  I followed the installation instructions in the README, and everything works fine except for one thing...

    The link for the extended host notes is looking for a php page in the charts/ uri called serverinfo.php.  I cannot find this file anywhere.  Am I overlooking something really stupid?

    • Nate

      Nate - 2006-12-18

      serverinfo.php displays info of servers here is the content of the file -


      I changed the write config script to relocate the image directory.  I have each server pointing to its own directory on a sharepoint server.  I keep all documentation on the device in this directory.  That way if it is down, any of the techs can read the documentation on how it functions and get common fixes. 

    • Josh Konkol

      Josh Konkol - 2006-12-22

      That's a cool idea.



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