joanypony - 2007-04-13

I was wondering if the restore backup feature works? I've tried to get it to restore some backups but nothing happens. I noticed in runscript.php that the restoredb listed is called test which was what made me wonder if this feature is still in slight beta phase.... I've changed this to a different one and made sure all the permissions were ok, but no joy.
Then as an alternative - using the msql dump that nagiosweb generated for me, I stuck all my old data in a new table just with
"mysql -h ng01dub -u nagiosweb -p joan < /nagios/etc/dbbackups/test1.sql" . Then I noticed that this copied over almost everything. Service group tables were not recreated.. Can anyone shed some light on this for me? Have been using nagiosweb for a year now and it's great!