how to add c: or d: to Check Command Agrs?

Denis Kot
  • Denis Kot

    Denis Kot - 2006-12-22

    I need this for monitoring disk space on Windows servers by snmp.

    • Josh Konkol

      Josh Konkol - 2006-12-22

      Instead of using the : in your Service Argument of the service definition hard code the : in the check command definition.


    • Adrian C

      Adrian C - 2007-01-03

      Josh, that's not exactly a great solution - and Denis' problem is not the only manifestation of this issue. See my post of yesterday regarding a similar problem checking a PerfMon counter.

      I'm using one Check Command for all Win PerfMon services, and don't really want to have to put another, very specific, one for the small handful of MS SQL Server services which have the cheek to have a colon in the middle of the counter name. There's probably a whole stack of other instances where you'd want a colon in an argument, too. Rewriting the arguments as a bodge-around is a possible short-term fix, yes - as is editing services.cfg manually after NagiosWeb's written it. All are untidy solutions to a seemingly unnecessary issue.

      Denis - I'm checking Windows disk space quite happily using nc_net's Windows client and replacement for check_nt.


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