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NagiosQL on Debian Lenny

Ever having problems with the NagiosQL installation on Debian? Wolfgang Barth (author of the well known Nagios Book) created a Debian package for NagiosQL 3.0.3. You can find more information and an installation manual for this package at

Posted by rouven 2009-06-17

NagiosQL 3.0.3 released!

NagiosQL 3.0.3 fixes several issues found in the previous release. We hope to have fixed most of the issues regarding the Installation Wizard and the Importer, so we could concentrate on NagiosQL 3.1.0 release, but we will see. With this release we also introduce you the Spanish translation of NagiosQL started by Ricard and finished by Damian.

We recommend to upgrade to this release as soon as possible.... read more

Posted by rouven 2009-05-14

NagiosQL 3.0.2 released

NagiosQL 3.0.2 addresses some issues found in the previous release. We have dropped some database alive checks that were added to the code in the last hours before releasing 3.0.1. Those checks results in blocking some other database queries, therefor we dropped that until further releases. With NagiosQL 3.0.2 the Installation Wizard is able to work with remote MySQL servers as well as other MySQL ports. We recommend to upgrade to this release as soon as possible.... read more

Posted by rouven 2009-03-10

NagiosQL 3.0.1 bugfix release

NagiosQL 3.0.1 fixes 26 issues that were found in the previous release. We also amended the Installation Wizard and hopefully made it clearer what the specific options meant. "New Installation" is only for those wanting to start a fresh new installation. "Update" is meant for those, upgrading from previous NagiosQL 2.x versions and finally Settings was only meant for emergencies (e.g. you have to change the database connection or you have changed the location of the NagiosQL root on your webserver). We hope this becomes clearer with 3.0.1. The way NagiosQL2 imported the services and assigned names for those services has been implemented in NagiosQL 3.0.1, because many community members disliked the way it was in QL3.0.0. There were also some bugs fixed related to PHP4 and IE Browser issues.
For a complete list of changes visit

Posted by rouven 2009-01-20

NagiosQL 3.0.0 released!

After tons of work and sleepless nights we proudly present you NagiosQL 3.0.0! On top of that we decided to relaunch our website with a new layout (very close to the new QL3 layout) and some upgraded components. Hope you will enjoy both of it! As it is a philosophy of NagiosQL we tried to integrare all the configuration features very close to the way Nagios does. That makes it maybe harder to get started with NagiosQL without any Nagios experience, but this way you will possibily learn Nagios and NagiosQL and if you later want to manage the configuration another way, there is no big deal.... read more

Posted by rouven 2009-01-08

New NagiosQL 3 Development Shots available

If you are interested in the current development progress of the upcoming Release 3, please take a look at our website. We proudly present you some screenshots and a status overview for any components.

Posted by rouven 2008-06-18

NagiosQL Website Relaunch

Regarding our website we switched from TRAC to JOOMLA and Mantis. I think this gives us more flexibility and helps us in growing the project development team. take a look at

Posted by rouven 2008-04-09

NagiosQL 2.0.2 fixes broken 2.0.1 release

I am very sorry to inform you, that the v2.0.1 we released in the beginning of this week was broken. This new version is just a fix for that broken 2.0.1 release.

Posted by rouven 2008-04-03

NagiosQL: 2.0.1 released

NagiosQL is a web based administration tool for nagios 2.x. It helps you to easy build a complex configuration with all options, manage them and use them. NagiosQL needs a webserver with php, MySQL and file access to the nagios configuration files.

Today we released a so called bugfix release 2.0.1. We recommend everyone to upgrade to this release, because of some security issues. You will find more information at soon.

Posted by rouven 2008-03-31

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