#362 check_oracle: use user's .bash_profile (sudo env problem)


In case there is a ~/.bash_profile for the user running the plugin, it is being included before any of the script is run.

This is a problem occuring when sudo is being used. May need a selinux fix if we are unlucky ;o)


  • Thomas Guyot-Sionnest

    I don't think that would be a wise thing to do; in some case there will be no bash_profile, and in the worst case bash_profile could invoke scripts the user don't want to run on a script run. Also the profile script name will be different is the shell is a plain sh, which can be the case on BSD and Solaris and even some linux systems that have both shells installed.

    I think your issue has more to to with proper sudo configuration and it would be much better to document the required sudo configuration for this check. Were you able to identify the missing environment variable that prevents this check to run? Is is just incomplete PATH or is there any Oracle-specific environment variables that need to be passed?


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