#594 check_disk show 0% used on some part on AIX


I have an issue on check_disk on some part on AIX system.

-bash-3.00# /var/opt/nagios/plugins/check_disk -w 5% -p /dev/tsm02fORA0lv -vvvv
calling stat on /dev/tsm02fORA0lv
For /ptsm02/server/filesORA0, used_pct=100 free_pct=0 used_units=1831 free_units=0 total_units=1.1991e+07 used_inodes_pct=1 free_inodes_pct=99 fsp.fsu_blocksize=4096 mult=1048576
Freespace_units result=0
Freespace% result=1
Usedspace_units result=0
Usedspace_percent result=0
Usedinodes_percent result=0
Freeinodes_percent result=0
DISK WARNING - free space: /ptsm02/server/filesORA0 0 MB (0% inode=99%);| /ptsm02/server/filesORA0=1831MB;11391488;;0;11991040

-bash-3.00# df -k /dev/tsm02fORA0lv Filesystem 1024-blocks Free %Used Iused %Iused Mounted on
/dev/tsm02fORA0lv 12278824960 12276949612 1% 5 1% /ptsm02/server/filesORA0

-bash-3.00# df -i /dev/tsm02fORA0lv
Filesystem 512-blocks Free %Used Iused %Iused Mounted on
/dev/tsm02fORA0lv 24557649920 24553899224 1% 5 1% /ptsm02/server/filesORA0


  • Patrick Jolliffe

    I am getting the same issue. Not sure if it is related to 2918714 - note that is also on AIX. Volume I am testing is 11TB in size. I added some debug output as follows;
    void get_path_stats (struct parameter_list *p, struct fs_usage *fsp) {
    p->total = fsp->fsu_blocks;
    /* 2007-12-08 - Workaround for Gnulib reporting insanely high available
    * space on BSD (the actual value should be negative but fsp->fsu_bavail
    * is unsigned) */
    printf("PVJ %g %g\n", fsp->fsu_bavail, fsp->fsu_bfree);
    p->available = fsp->fsu_bavail > fsp->fsu_bfree ? 0 : fsp->fsu_bavail;
    Output is:
    PVJ -NaNQ 1.51616e-314

  • Holger Weiß

    Holger Weiß - 2013-08-21
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