#373 Check_by_ssh exit code always 0


The "check_by_ssh" plugin report always an exit status/code of 0 when it should return a value of "2".
Should be the same for the other exit code values.

Plugin compiled from nagios-plugins-1.4.7.tar.gz on a RedHat Fedora Core Intel system.

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  • ADW

    ADW - 2007-12-17

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    I forgot to say that the problem only occur when using the "-f" (fork) option.

  • Matthias Eble

    Matthias Eble - 2008-01-04

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    Hello alain,

    I've looked into this issue and can reproduce the described behaviour.. But: check_by_ssh's -f
    argument simply adds -f to the ssh call. With -f, ssh immediately returns, even if the remote command is still running. Actually there is no exit code at this point.

    However, check_by_ssh waits for the command output, IMO because it reads from the output file descriptor which is left open until the remote command execution is done.

    But this is a side effect.

    Note that
    /usr/bin/ssh -f 'exit 2' ;echo $?
    also returns 0. I'd thus say check_by_ssh -f works as desi(gn|r)ed

    I cannot imagine what -f should be good for though. But we should at least place
    a note in --help.

    Any other comments?


  • Ton Voon

    Ton Voon - 2008-05-27

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    I agree with Matthias - this works as designed. I've added a comment to the -f option to state that the return code has to be 0.

    A possibility is to remove the -f option, but that can be left for another discussion.

    I've marked the call to pending so it will auto-close after 7 days if there are no updates.


  • Ton Voon

    Ton Voon - 2008-05-27
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