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  • Rainer Brunold

    Rainer Brunold - 2011-04-15


    I have prepared a new Nagiosgrpah installation and are very happy with the new functions compared to the old version we use that is a couple of years old.

    But I have one question. I want to have separate graphs in the day/week/month/year section, one should have the percentage value eg. for the filesystem usage, the second graph the free size in eg. MB. The percentage would scale from 0 to 100, the free space up to a much larger value.

    We have that configured on our old system by using &db=db1,usage&db=db=free but the new version puts all in the same graph. I read through the documentation and found a lot of other informations, but nothing about this.

    Is this still possible ?


  • Matthew Wall

    Matthew Wall - 2011-04-15

    one way to do this is to define a group.  in the groupdb.conf file, do something like this:


    each line will result in a graph.

    another way to control the graph contents is the datasetdb.conf file.  those settings apply to all the cgi scripts.  see the contents of datasetdb.conf for details.

  • Rainer Brunold

    Rainer Brunold - 2011-04-17


    thanks for that information. I'm aware of the datasetdb.conf, but there I have not the options to define two separate diagrams.
    Defining a group would do the job, but I have about 13 hosts where each has more the 40 different filesystems that need to be monitored. That would need a lot of definitions. Isn't there an easier way ?


  • Matthew Wall

    Matthew Wall - 2011-04-20

    did you have something working in a previous version of nagiosgraph?  if so, using which cgi script (show.cgi, showservice.cgi, or showhost.cgi)?

    i am working on wildcards in the configuration files for showservice.cgi, showhost.cgi, and showgroup.cgi.  this capability should make it into the 1.4.5 release.

  • Rainer Brunold

    Rainer Brunold - 2011-04-20


    we use the show.cgi, but I think it might be a self modified version.
    I haven't noticed that there is a show.cgi.ori in the directory, therefor I think somebody has modified it.
    For each &db statement we add, a new graph gets created in each section.
    Here is the url from the service definition:

    notes_url              /nagiosgraph/show.cgi?host=$HOSTNAME$&service=$SERVICEDESC$&db=fsdata,free&geom=500x100&rrdopts=%2Dl%200%20%2Dt%20Free%2DDisk%2DSpace&db=fsdata,freeperc&geom=500x100&rrdopts=%2Dl%200%20%2Du%20100%20%2Dt%20Free%2DDisk%2DSpace%2DPercent

    I would prefer this way of creating multiple graphs instead of being able to define data from multiple rrd's and have them in the same graph. But that is our method. I will check the show.cgi and see how the changes were done and see if they might fit into the current version.



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