Zooming not working in IE8 using v1.4.4

  • illogic

    illogic - 2012-01-13

    I just installed Nagiosgraph 1.4.4. I can zoom on graphs in Firefox 3.6.25, but when I use Internet Explorer 8 I can't zoom. The pointer changes to a crosshair, but I can't select any part of the graph. The date and time for the area under the crosshair also doesn't appear. Do you have any recommendations on how I can help debug this issue? I don't know JavaScript so you'll have to explain it to me very basically.

  • illogic

    illogic - 2012-01-13

    Nevermind. My company had pushed a group policy to force all intranet sites to compatibility mode which is causing nagiosgraph's web interface to break.

  • illogic

    illogic - 2012-01-13

    OK, I was able to solve this. Here is the problem and my solution for anyone else who encounters this.

    The problem: My company had configured every desktop computer so that IE always uses compatibility mode for intranet sites. This was causing the JavaScript in Nagiosgraph to malfunction since it expected standards mode. It was also causing the grey box in the top right of the Nagiosgraph screen to spread across the top of the page rather than be in the right corner.

    Solution: According to this page at MSDN (http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/iewebdevelopment/thread/acf1e236-715b-4feb-8132-f88e8b6652c5) one can force IE8 to use standards mode when the header "X-UA-Compatible" is sent with a value of "IE=8".

    I fixed this for Nagiosgraph by modifying the ngshared.pm module. Find the "printheader" subroutine, which was on line 2505 in my file. The second command in the subroutine is:


    my $rval = $cgi->header;

    Change it to the following:


    my $rval = $cgi->header('-X-UA-Compatible'=>'IE=8');

    The CGI programs will then display fine in IE8 while leaving all your other intranet sites in compatibility mode.


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