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2.0.1 Now Released

1. Asynchronous send was not functioning properly.
2. Socket timeouts now controllable via log4j configuration.
3. Configurable buffer will cache messages for later delivery if nsca server is down, including calculated message delay.

Posted by Jar Lyons 2012-07-20

Separated protocol into separate class - 1.5.0 allows clients to send messages directly to the nsca server without any dependence on Log4j

Posted by Jar Lyons 2009-03-18

Added new class - 1.4.0

Added a new class which provides the equivalent API of the nsca_send.c program. (NscaSend)

Use of this class does not require log4j be used within your application, however it does require that
you include the log4j library on your classpath.

Here is a snippet on how you might choose to use it ...

NscaSend nscaSend = new NscaSend();
nscaSend.send(NagiosAppender.NAGIOS_CRITICAL,"server: [HOSTNAME]: something bad just happened ....");... read more

Posted by Jar Lyons 2009-01-06

Added a JBoss AlertListener MBean - 1.3.0

Added an MBean class which can be registered within JBoss as an AlertListener. The JBoss application server comes with 2 built-in AlertListener implementations: console and email. This new class allows alerts to be integrated cleanly into a Nagios monitoring solution. Configuration is defined in the monitoring-service.xml, which is typically found in the deploy directory (or the deploy/monitoring directory, depending on the version). The configuration is very similar to how you would setup log4j, except that there is no need to define mappings between logj levels and Nagios levels. The conf directory in this installation contains an example JBoss setup. This MBean has worked properly using JBoss 3.2.7 and 4.2.2.

Posted by Jar Lyons 2009-01-06

Startup Message bug fixed in 1.2.4

Fixed a bug with the startup message feature. The startup message was not being delivered to Nagios until after the first logging event was received.

Posted by Jar Lyons 2008-05-23

Include / Exclude filters fixed in 1.2.3

Filters were not getting enabled in versions prior to 1.2.3

Filters allow you to register as many include and/or exclude filters using the powerful regular expression language.

Try the following URL for an explanation of how to use filters.

Posted by Jar Lyons 2008-05-16

Virtual Backroom Monitoring

Check out the article on the Documentation page describing how to use the NagiosAppender to monitor a Virtual backroom.\*checkout*/nagiosappender/nagiosappender/doc/Virtual_Backroom/Nagios%20Application%20Monitoring.htm?revision=1.2

Posted by Jar Lyons 2008-03-12

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