On 16 Apr 2010, at 15:05, Andreas Ericsson wrote:
I've got some major work coming in too. I'll be implementing process
pools that Jean Paul Gabés talked about earlier and getting rid of the
checkresult file thing in favor of a bidirectional socket and worker-
daemons instead.

I'll be using the git repository at devteams.nagios.org:~git/nagios.git,
with some branch I haven't thought up a name for yet. I've tried getting
my head around CVS again, but I just can't figure out how to get anything
done with it anymore, so I've given up and decided to get some real work
done instead. Everything will also be at git://git.op5.org/nagios.git,
reviewable from http://git.op5.org/git/?p=nagios.git;a=summary (although
one will have to choose the proper branch to view).

You can use the same repo if you like. Assuming we don't modify the same
code too much it shouldn't be much of a problem rebasing all the patches
to a linear history and bringing it all back to the cvs repo later.

I've given up on CVS too, which is partly why I haven't committed anything in a new branch. I'd rather invest the time in understanding how to use git properly.

Andreas, can you update http://wiki.nagios.org/index.php/GIT_Introduction with a few pointers on how to start? I'm happy to update as I get further.