Right! state/type/attempt are only the _minimum_ arguments required. Of coutse you can add the downtime depth yourself.

Good on you for not listening to me ;)

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    �I know notifications are

    suppressed, though checks still run. �I would like the event handler for one
    service not to run during a downtime. �Is that possible?

That, I don't know - as I'm sure you already know, the downtime depth
${HOST,SERVICE}DOWNTIME$ is not passed to the event handler, which otherwise
would've been a viable solution to the problem.

Hmmm. The event handler is just another plugin with a command definition.  I think I CAN pass $HOSTDOWNTIME$ or $SERVICEDOWNTIME$ to it by putting it as an arg in the command object.  Then code it will do nothing if the host or service is in downtime.  Thanks for the idea!  I'll try it.

Paul Dubuc

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