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Subject: [Nagios-users] Nagios monitoring Novell netware servers?

Has anyone done this before?

Some hints would be great thanks

Use check_nwstat. It's one of the standard plugins.

[libexec]$ ./check_nwstat --help (*slightly old version*)
check_nwstat (nagios-plugins 1.3.0-alpha1)
The nagios plugins come with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. You may
copies of the plugins under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
For more information about these matters, see the file named COPYING.
Copyright (c) 1999-2001 Ethan Galstad

This plugin attempts to contact the MRTGEXT NLM running on a Novell
to gather the requested system information.

 check_nwstat -H host [-v variable] [-w warning] [-c critical]
              [-p port] [-t timeout]
 check_nwstat (-h | --help) for detailed help
 check_nwstat (-V | --version) for version information

-H, --hostname=HOST
  Name of the host to check
-v, --variable=STRING
  Variable to check.  Valid variables include:
     LOAD1    = 1 minute average CPU load
     LOAD5    = 5 minute average CPU load
     LOAD15   = 15 minute average CPU load
     CONNS    = number of currently licensed connections
     VPF<vol> = percent free space on volume <vol>
     VKF<vol> = KB of free space on volume <vol>
     LTCH     = percent long term cache hits
     CBUFF    = current number of cache buffers
     CDBUFF   = current number of dirty cache buffers
     LRUM     = LRU sitting time in minutes
     DSDB     = check to see if DS Database is open
     LOGINS   = check to see if logins are enabled
     UPRB     = used packet receive buffers
     PUPRB    = percent (of max) used packet receive buffers
     SAPENTRIES = number of entries in the SAP table
     SAPENTRIES<n> = number of entries in the SAP table for SAP type <n>
     OFILES   = number of open files
     VPP<vol> = percent purgeable space on volume <vol>
     VKP<vol> = KB of purgeable space on volume <vol>
     VPNP<vol> = percent not yet purgeable space on volume <vol>
     VKNP<vol> = KB of not yet purgeable space on volume <vol>
     ABENDS   = number of abended threads (NW 5.x only)
     CSPROCS  = number of current service processes (NW 5.x only)
-w, --warning=INTEGER
  Threshold which will result in a warning status
-c, --critical=INTEGER
  Threshold which will result in a critical status
-p, --port=INTEGER
  Optional port number (default: 9999)
-t, --timeout=INTEGER
  Seconds before connection attempt times out (default: 10)
-o, --osversion
  Include server version string in results
-h, --help
  Print this help screen
-V, --version
  Print version information

- This plugin requres that the MRTGEXT.NLM file from James Drews' MRTG
  extension for NetWare be loaded on the Novell servers you wish to
  (available from
- Values for critical thresholds should be lower than warning thresholds
  when the following variables are checked: VPF, VKF, LTCH, CBUFF, and

Send email to if you have questions
regarding use of this software. To submit patches or suggest
send email to

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