I currently have two hosts where one acts as a backup for the other and so long as the first is up the second will always be down.

What I am looking to do is control the status of the second based on the first and am wondering if this kind of configuration is possible?

I tried using a host dependency and host definitions as follows but no luck so far

define hostdependency{
        dependent_host_name             sydisdn
        host_name                       sydgw
        execution_failure_criteria      o

define host{
        use                     router
        host_name               sydgw
        alias                   sydgw
        address                 *.*.*.*
        hostgroups              router,sydney

define host{
        use                     router
        host_name               sydisdn
        alias                   sydISDN
        active_checks_enabled   1
        passive_checks_enabled  0
        address                *.*.*.*
        hostgroups              isdn,sydney

I would like to be able to display the status of sydisdn as downtime when sydgw is up and running normally. When the status of sydgw is anything else sydisdn should be monitored to check its status.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Bradley Mclain
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