Nagios Core Docs Log

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[05a87a] (HEADmaster) by Yancy Ribbens Yancy Ribbens

-updated version of core to 3.4.1 and plugins to 1.4.16

2012-10-26 19:50:04 Tree
[04b3da] by Eric Stanley Eric Stanley

Updates to definition of allow_empty_hostgroup_assignement.

2012-01-06 18:43:14 Tree
[be348f] by Ethan Galstad Ethan Galstad

Updated docs on distributed monitoring

2011-02-21 18:38:13 Tree
[f0ee0f] by Ethan Galstad Ethan Galstad

Initial import from CVS - newly separated from Nagios Core project

2011-02-13 18:49:17 Tree
[b2a1bb] by CSV To SVN Converter CSV To SVN Converter

Standard project directories initialized by cvs2svn.

2002-02-26 04:04:12 Tree