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I'm not dead yet....

So after a much too long hiatus, I've finally got the resources to start doing some work. There have been many rather exciting changes in the capabilities of recent OpenBSD systems....especially in the world of PF. I think with these changes a "product" based on OpenBSD is long overdue. The only thing OpenBSD needs right now is a slick, easy to use interface so that not-so-tech-savvy admins can deploy cost-effective, easy to support, and (most importantly) bullet-proof, security solutions that they can have confidence in.... read more

Posted by Casey Kramer 2003-06-16

Project Inception

This project is in it's VERY early stages, however I plan to do quite a bit of work in the next few weeks to push it along as quickly as possible. Stay tuned for software releases.

In the meantime if your interested in NAAT for Linux visit: for downloadable ISO's of the Mandrake Single Network Firewall, or: for RPM's of the NAAT package. Source is also available via anonymous CVS from MandrakeSoft

Posted by Casey Kramer 2001-07-02