#99 improved tour compare screen


The tour compare works, as far as identifying similar tours. However from there, you really can't view the relevant information for ALL the matching tours. Specifically, it would make much more sense to list the matching tours, with the stats for the MATCHING PART to the reference tour only. So you would see your times and average speed FOR THE PART THAT MATCHES the reference tour. Right now, the "year statistics" view sort of shows this, but it is not ideal - a grid view of the matching tours would be much simpler, and allow you to see all the results at once, instead of one at a time. see the screenshot from "strava.com". A segment is defined ( ie: reference tour ) and then all the matching segments are displayed for comparison.


  • skemp

    skemp - 2012-08-23

    strava.com screen shot

  • skemp

    skemp - 2013-06-12

    I was just reviewing this - and have a simpler solution. The "tour catalog" actually is pretty good. However, it is missing some key columns. Right now the only useful column is "speed". However, it would be great to see "Time"? ( right? Compare how long it took to ride the section? ). I would probably also make PACE and DISTANCE available too. But TIME would be the biggest. I really am trying to get Eclipse setup so that I can assist with development...just haven't found the time!


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