Tour statistics

  • Darko

    Darko - 2013-09-11

    When I hover mouse cursor over a tour in tour book a popup is displayed with tour statistics. The problem is this window disappears way too fast. Is there any other way to access this information ? I use MyTourbook on Linux if that matters.

  • Wolfgang

    Wolfgang - 2013-09-11

    You can keep the tooltip opened in the Tour Book view (and other views) when you hover the mouse over the tooltip.

    There are other tooltips in the application which do not have this behaviour because it is using a system tooltip (e.g. in dialogs when a label or field is hovered) and disappears after a few seconds. A workaround for these type of tooltips is to do a screenshot (which I do sometimes) to read all texts.

  • Krodo

    Krodo - 2014-11-14

    Sometimes the hover of the mouse over a tour doesn't open the tour statistics (windows 8.1). I think it would be very nice if there exists a different way to display the tour statistics, e.g. a button in the button bar.

  • Wolfgang

    Wolfgang - 2014-11-17

    Can you create a feature request that the tooltip for a selected tour should be opened with a keyboard shortcut, e.g. <Ctrl>+T


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