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Data lost on database upgrade

  • Daniel Krippner

    Daniel Krippner - 2013-07-18

    Hi, I'm coming back to mytourbook now after a couple years of almost no biking (children...), and updated the tool to 13.4.0 yesterday.

    On startup, mytourbook migrated my old database (version 9) to the current format - no error messages or anything - unfortunately, my old data is gone, the tour list is empty.
    I made a backup copy of the database (of course ;) ), so I can give this as many tries as are necessary - but I need some pointers: what can I do to get my data back in 13.4?

    On a side node, I may be blind or stupid - but how to I change the language mytourbook uses?

    Otherwise, thanks for a great piece of software!

  • Wolfgang

    Wolfgang - 2013-07-19

    db version 9 is 3 years old and this upgrade has never been testet

    try to upgrade to an older version first, propably you need several oder version before you can upgrade to the newest

    this is the db history which I maintained

    TOURBOOK_DB_VERSION= 23; // 13.2.0
    TOURBOOK_DB_VERSION= 22; // 12.12.0
    TOURBOOK_DB_VERSION= 21; // 12.1.1
    TOURBOOK_DB_VERSION= 20; // 12.1
    TOURBOOK_DB_VERSION= 19; // 11.8
    TOURBOOK_DB_VERSION= 18; // 11.8
    TOURBOOK_DB_VERSION= 17; // 11.8
    TOURBOOK_DB_VERSION= 16; // 11.8
    TOURBOOK_DB_VERSION= 15; // 11.8
    TOURBOOK_DB_VERSION= 14; // 11.3
    TOURBOOK_DB_VERSION= 13; // 10.11
    TOURBOOK_DB_VERSION= 12; // 10.9.1
    TOURBOOK_DB_VERSION= 11; // 10.7.0 - 11-07-2010
    TOURBOOK_DB_VERSION= 10; // 10.5.0 not released
    TOURBOOK_DB_VERSION= 9; // 10.3.0
    TOURBOOK_DB_VERSION= 8; // 10.2.1 Mod by Kenny
    TOURBOOK_DB_VERSION= 7; // 9.01
    TOURBOOK_DB_VERSION= 6; // 8.12
    TOURBOOK_DB_VERSION= 5; // 8.11

  • Daniel Krippner

    Daniel Krippner - 2013-07-23

    Hm I found part of the problem - either due to an oversight or due to stupidity, I configured MTB to keep track data in a separate folder from user data. Now during the upgrade, I removed the user data folder (not knowing yet that it's actually used and important), just keeping a backup of the track data.

    On starting MTB, it somplains that there is no user in the data base, and lets me create one; but after doing that it probably doesn't associate the existing track data with that new user.

    Something that might be rectified by a bit of fooling around on the derby DB with SQirreL, maybe?

  • Wolfgang

    Wolfgang - 2013-07-24

    With a SQL client you can modify any tour data, only the data series are serialized.

    To access the derby db with an sql client, you have to run the database in server mode which can be set in the preferences: General / Tour

    How to access the db is described here: http://mytourbook.sourceforge.net/mytourbook/index.php/development/sql-server


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