Any users of CSV Import?

  • Daniel

    Daniel - 2009-11-19

    I'm attempting to csv import a file with multiple tours - and with a "Tour Type" that happens to not be pre-defined.  For example, this is the data to import:

        Date (yyyy-mm-dd); Time (hh-mm); Duration (sec); Paused Time (sec), Distance (m); Title; Comment; Tour Type; Tags;
        2009-11-23;08-00;0;0;19795;Work: RT using Alston/Alexander;Comment;Type0;Tag0;
        2009-11-24;08-00;0;0;19795;Work: RT using Alston/Alexander;Comment;Type0;Tag0;
        2009-11-25;08-00;0;0;19795;Work: RT using Alston/Alexander;Comment;Type1;Tag1;
        2009-11-26;08-00;0;0;19795;Work: RT using Alston/Alexander;Comment;Type1;Tag1;
        2009-11-27;08-00;0;0;19795;Work: RT using Alston/Alexander;Comment;Type2;Tag2;
        2009-11-28;08-00;0;0;19795;Work: RT using Alston/Alexander;Comment;Type2;Tag2;
        2009-11-29;08-00;0;0;19795;Work: RT using Alston/Alexander;Comment;Type3;Tag3;

    The result after import is that I have four new tags - all unique (good) - but 7 new Tour Types - with duplicates.

    Is this what others have experienced?

  • Wolfgang

    Wolfgang - 2013-04-16

    duplicate problem is fixed in the next version, post 13.4.0


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