Problem with importing a custom csv file

  • redynstruc

    redynstruc - 2013-04-15

    I've tried everything for creating a text file formatted as directed by the online help, but each time my Mac gives me the following error message: [Data format is unknown for these files; /Users/curtsnyder1/Desktop/Test.csv]. The following is an example of the data from one of my failed attempts:

    Date (yyyy-mm-dd); Time (hh-mm); Duration (sec); Paused Time (sec); Distance (m); Title; Comment; Tour Type; Tags;
    2012-10-21; 16-00; 2542; 0; 6200; RedCedarColemanSouth; None; None; None;

    I even tried copying and pasting the data provided in a post of 2009-11-19 (see, but got the same "Data format is unknown...." error message.

    For the record, I think MyTourBook is a fantastic program! I will certainly be thankful for any help someone can provide so that I can import about 200 records of data I have been keeping in an OpenOffice spreadsheet.

  • redynstruc

    redynstruc - 2013-04-17

    Thanks, Woflgang. That worked! The first time I tried the import, however, MyTourBook only imported the first record so, suspecting it was some sort of LF/CR problem, I manually deleted the space at the end of each record and then re-entered a hard return. After doing this, I was able to import all seven records of the test file. Now, importing my real data should be a piece of cake!

  • redynstruc

    redynstruc - 2013-04-18

    I just successfully imported 200+ records from 2012 and 2011 (I took up running again, at the ripe old age of fifty-something, in July of 2011) which I had been maintaining in an OpenOffice spreadsheet. The process I used went something like this:

    1. I created a new worksheet in OpenOffice to pull just the data needed for the MyTourBook import from another worksheet I had been using to log my tours (the other worksheet contained a lot more data - most of it, pretty useless - than the MyTourBook import would accept).
    2. I copied and pasted the new worksheet data into a text editor (I used TextWrangler).
    3. The copied data contained invisible tab characters after each semi-colon so I used my text editor's search and replace function to replace each instance of a "semi-colon followed by a tab" with just a "semi-colon".
    4. I saved the result as something like "data.csv" and then used MyTourBook's import routine to bring in the data.

    The result was wonderful! After trying numerous programs including MapMyRun, Garmin Connect, and Garmin Training Center, I now have a program - MyTourBook - which has the capability of importing all of my old data and displaying the results in ways that far exceed the few meager graphs that I had the time to create with my OpenOffice spreadsheet.

    For those who are "visual" people and need an example of what properly-formatted data looks like, here is a sample from the 200+ records which I successfully imported:

    Date (yyyy-mm-dd); Time (hh-mm); Duration (sec); Paused Time (sec); Distance (m); Title; Comment; Tour Type; Tags;
    2012-01-01;23-00;2368;0;5217;Sawyer To South;C-;Run;T-;
    2012-01-02;22-00;2391;0;5267;Sawyer To South;C-;Run;T-;
    2012-01-03;22-00;2328;0;5267;Sawyer To South;C-;Run;T-;
    2012-01-04;23-00;2078;0;4667;Sawyer To South Minus;C-;Run;T-;
    2012-01-08;23-00;2309;0;5350;Sawyer To South;C-;Run;T-;
    2012-01-09;23-00;2281;0;5283;Sawyer To South;C-;Run;T-;
    2012-01-12;23-00;2371;0;5167;Sawyer To South;C-;Run;T-;
    2012-01-14;23-00;2308;0;5167;Sawyer To South;C-;Run;T-;
    2012-01-15;22-30;2603;0;5783;Downtown River Run;C-;Run;T-;
    2012-01-21;19-30;2624;0;5783;Downtown River Run;C-;Run;T-;
    2012-01-23;21-30;1590;0;3417;Sawyer To Orchard Beach;C-;Run;T-;

    In case anyone is curious, the instances of "C-" and "T-" are probably not necessary. I put them there just to avoid having empty data fields and, thereby, better enable me to see how MyTourBook was arranging the data from the import.

    I created this post so that others who have the same, low level of computer aptitude that I do will not get discouraged if their initial attempts at importing data are not successful. My hope is that this post (and the others on this topic on this forum) will help those folks to get past the problems which are inherent in the beginning of nearly any learning curve.

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