#25 Usability Bug - Audio language on every sub-recording


Some time since version 0.7 (recently upgraded to 285), the player has started asking at every recording as to which audio language to use on playback.
For a recording this is a minor irritation, but when watching liveTV, the program pauses when programs change from one to another (i.e. at the end of a program).
This is getting somewhat irritation, needing manual intervention once every half an hour to continue to watch TV.

To make matters worse, the dialog box appears randomly on the screen, even behind other windows (having 4 monitors, there can be a lot of windows to search through in order to find the dialog).

Suggested resolution: A setting for which audio stream should be the default for playback, and another menu item allowing the user to change from one stream to another during playback (which doesn't seem to be possible without a stop and a restart currently).


  • Flohack

    Flohack - 2012-11-26
    • assigned_to: nobody --> flohack
  • Flohack

    Flohack - 2012-11-26

    I take this ticket for the moment, despite the fact that I do not have a working player right now, since Win7 64bit it crashed on startup. But I try to find some answers from the latest contributors.


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