#22 Text overflows the allotted space

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Jeff Jensen

Couple of text display problems:

1) Text is too big for allotted space in the window. Can you make the widget sizes adjust?
2) While program list columns are resizable, the window is not, so cannot size columns wide enough to see all of text and all columns. Can you make the window resizable?

See attached image.

Due to high resolution, I have the Display text size is set to "Medium - 125%". This is probably the cause.

On Windows 7.


  • Jeff Jensen

    Jeff Jensen - 2010-01-09

    img showing text overflow and crunched columns

  • Flohack

    Flohack - 2010-02-24

    Yes this is an issue, of course. Text zooming has the effect we can see with the word "interlace" in the header. Unfortunatley these annoyances exist at least since Windows98, because there no intelligent way in the OS window manager to simply strech all controls by the font factor.
    Second thing with fixed window: Will look into this, should be feasable.


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