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Problem in "Show Waiting Links"

  • Waldo

    Waldo - 2004-03-18


    All work fine since the installation, but since yesterday I receive the following error message when I click "Go" in "Show Waiting Links: Show links waiting to be approved for the database" : " Warning: 0 is not a MySQL result index in ./lib/lib_admin.php3 on line 44
    Warning: Using scalar variable $sub_title_new as an array or object in ./lib/lib_admin.php3 on line 45 "
    This msg repeat many times in the same page, but in the end of the page, i see: "Warning: 0 is not a MySQL result index in ./lib/lib_admin.php3 on line 512"

    Can somebody help me about this ? I use in the past this feature whitout problems, and have no idea why now I have problems.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Ludovic Drolez

      Ludovic Drolez - 2004-03-21

      You lost your 'category' table ?

    • Waldo

      Waldo - 2004-03-22

      No, all other work fine.

      • Ludovic Drolez

        Ludovic Drolez - 2004-03-23

        Which release do you use ?
        Maybe you have a waiting link which has a bogus category entry... can you check that with phpmyadmin ?

    • Waldo

      Waldo - 2004-03-25

      release: 0.7.0
      I cant check that with phpmyadmin, but possible a waiting link has a bogus category entry.
      There is a way to clear the "waiting links" ? All the waiting links was submited by me, and I dont need they.


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