Sorted Category When Adding New Link?

  • C

    C - 2004-09-30


    When using "Add New Link" should the "Category" list be sorted?

    I'm using MyThreads-Links 1.0.1.

    • Ludovic Drolez

      Ludovic Drolez - 2005-01-04

      It should, but it's ordered by 'pathto' not by name. I've tried a few sorting options but that's not easy to have a nice sort...

      You can add a bug in the tracker :-(

    • ForeverNoob

      ForeverNoob - 2005-06-07

      Part of the problem I found is due to the difference in handling numeric fields vs. text fields. When I entered the categories into mySQL, I did so alphabetically for the top level cats. But when the list is sorted by pathto, a text field, my first 9 cats end up scattered throughout the list. I countered this by putting a 0 (zero) in front of all the single digit numbers in the pathto field. (if you have more than 100 cats, you would put double-zero in front of the single digit numbers and single-zero in front of your double digit cat numbers).
      It's kind of a kludge, but it solves part of the problem. Of course, top-level cats I've added since are still out of order due to their high cat ID number.

      If you would like to see how I'm using MyThreads-Links, check my website at The site is brand new, so there aren't a lot of links yet.


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