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R LeGris
  • R LeGris

    R LeGris - 2007-08-20

    Ok, I never could get the upgrade to work on my old server so now I have installed a fresh copy of the v1.1.2 on a new server.  I have uploaded the data (over 4000 links).
    Everything was working fine, and I was adding some visual modifications to the site, but now when I click a link, just a blank page opens up.  What can cause that??  I've looked at everything I can think of and can find nothing wrong.
    Also, what causes the captcha image to show a red x?  I had to disable it because the image would not show.
    Also,  now, if I try to add a link, I get a page that says "no spam".  But when I go into admin, it shows the link waiting, but if I click on the show waiting link button, I get kicked back to the admin log-in page.
    What the heck is going on?  this is the new server. (haven't made it active yet)

    Any help would be appreciated. If you need my log-in, let me know.


    • Ludovic Drolez

      Ludovic Drolez - 2007-08-20

      I just tried your site, and there are 3 characters in the page (it's not blank). So, there's something near the end of your config.php file which causes all the trouble seen. You should activate warnings in your php config to see exactly where the junk chars are.

    • R LeGris

      R LeGris - 2008-01-28

      Thanks!!! Found the junk chars and that corrected some of the problems. However, when I add a new link and input the security code, it tells me I entered it wrong even though I didn't.
      Also, how do you log out of Admin?  Can I put in a button or something?


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