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MythFeed Release 1.1a

Removed remaining scraping in gethulu code. Hulu must be really
clamping down on scrapers because it could take many hours to scrape
just the few shows that do not show up on Hulu Desktop. They also
seemed to come and go, making the "New" bit of Mythfeed less useful.

Changed something in mythfeed_play that was necessary when I upgraded
my machine. I assume it was due to a change in Python... ... read more

Posted by mythfeed developer 2010-03-13

MythFeed Release 1.1

Improved the gethulu script tremendously

Posted by mythfeed developer 2009-12-05

MythFeed Release 1.0

Bumped numbering to 1.0 because I've been using this daily for months without complaint.
Sync'd up with MythTV 0.22 MythVideo plugin and inherited those new

Posted by mythfeed developer 2009-11-08

MythFeed Release .06

Add the option to use an environment varibale MYTH_PREFIX that
the harvest scripts will append to the play command. Add this variable
to your cron script if you'd like to use it. See README.

Added code to allow the player script to escape while it's searching
for the window it opened. Helpful for when Hulu is down, or when
Firefox fails for some reason.

Posted by mythfeed developer 2009-05-15

MythFeed Release .05

Hulu changed some key words that broke the scraper, so that is fixed.

Added Hulu Trailers to and fixed the sort-by-episode option
so that it can sort Trailers by date.

Pandora upgraded versions of their flash player again, which broke the
url I recommended in the README file. I updated so
that it will get the correct version from the
webpage. Also I added a variable in the url that allows you to specify
whether you want Pandora to open in Firefox or flashplayer. See README
for updated url format. ... read more

Posted by mythfeed developer 2009-04-11

MythFeed Release .04

Created to replace The new script scrapes Hulu
Trailers, and correctly gets episodes of shows that don't have normal
seasons, like Emipres and the various Bowl Games. Added an option to
get hi-res picture for feeds (not episode). To get hi-res add another
parameter to the command, i.e. ' /myth/hulu.xml hiRes'. The
current theme does not take advantage of the increased resolution.... read more

Posted by mythfeed developer 2009-04-03

MythFeed Release .03

MythFeed is a MythTV plugin to organize and open flash content. It currently handles Hulu, and Pandora media.

Added to harverst video streams from Add it to your
daily cron job.
Major rework of the playing scripts. The xmacro scripts,, and (and unreleased have been replaced with and The mythfeed_play script detects which host is in the url, and after starting up the player, listens on a socket for signals from mythfeed_send. To use this, you'll need to change your .lircrc file, see README for details. Mythfeed_play has lots of room for optimization.

Posted by mythfeed developer 2009-03-27

MythFeed Release .01

MythFeed is a MythTV plugin to organize and open flash content. It currently handles Hulu and Pandora media.

Release .01:
* When scanning for changes, new shows show up under a "New" tag
* Episodes can now be sorted by broadcast order

Posted by mythfeed developer 2009-03-06