myssh v1.1beta

./myssh -h
Usage: myssh [[group] [class] [sname] [ip]]
[-l|--list [-ip|--ipaddress] [string]]
[-ip|--ipaddress [string]]
[-e|--exec|-ep 'command $ip|$user|$port' string]
[-s|--scp 'file :path'|':path file' string]
[-p|--ping string]
[-kp|--quick-ping string]
[-t|--traceroute|--tracert string]
[-mtr|--mtr string]
[-P|--port port]
[-D [bind_address:]port]
[-u|--user user]
[-i|--input iplist [options]]

default login with ssh
--list string : list the iplist and class name math with string
--ipaddress string : only list the ipaddress math with string
--scp : scp file to server
--ping: ping command
--traceroute: traceroute command
--mtr: mtr command
--exec : exec command terminated-by Single quote, $ip, $user, $user can be user
--ep : exec command one ip one tab
--kp : quick ping test

Posted by  igi 2010-01-07

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