Hi, Anders. I'd like to use your library but I'm having trouble getting through the configuration process.
I've used "brew install jansson" and it installed a link in /usr/local/opt/jansson that points to the actual destination.
So I've run:
./configure -with-jansson=/usr/local/opt/jansson

But I get the following result:

checking MySQL home directory… /Applications/acquia-drupal/mysql
configure: Using MySQL Home: /Applications/acquia-drupal/mysql
checking for mysql_config… no
./configure: line 4344: -cflags: command not found
./configure: line 4345: -libs_r: command not found
./configure: line 4346: -version: command not found
checking Jansson library home… inside first test
checking for json_string in -ljansson… no
Right before failure: /usr/local/opt/jansson
configure: error: Jansson library doesnt exist

You'll see that right before the library test occurs I test that the $JANSSON_HOME variable is correct, and it is.

The jansson library I'm using is 2.3.1.

Can you shed some insight on why I'm unable to link?

Thank you!