Using FUSE option problem

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    Hi all,

    Thanks for your work. It's a good idea.
    I've find a problem on using FUSE option such as "-oallow_other" etc. It seems that in function mysqlfs_opt_proc, the arg passed in when handling "-oallow_other" is just the string "allow_other". So when adding the option back to arg list, an "-o" prefix must be added. Otherwise fuse main will only get the argv[x]="allow_other" not "-oallow_other". And it the option will not be handled correctly by FUSE.

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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    As a work around you can specify the options to pass to FUSE like:

    mysqlfs -o\-oallow_other -ohost=localhost -ouser=user -opassword=password -odatabase=mysqlfs  ./fs

    note the \-0 escape. this passes -oallow_other to the fuse main


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