Can't connect to MySQL server

  • Maniac

    Maniac - 2004-04-15

    I just deployed my websolution to an win2003 server, and now it tells me, it can't connect to the mysql server. the connection string is correct and it works fine on my machine (winxp).

    Ausnahmedetails: MySQLDriverCS.MySQLException: MySQLDriverCS Exception: MySQLDriverCS Error: can't connect.Can't connect to MySQL server on '*****.*******.com' (10060)

    Any ideas?


    • DrunkenSniper

      DrunkenSniper - 2004-06-28

      i've got the same problem.

      it connects to my local mysql server, but denies the connection to the remote server.

    • mattbta

      mattbta - 2004-08-03

      Just a quick question on this issue - you guys sure you got the right user permissions set up?

      A lot of times I see users being created for localhost access only, as opposed to access from anywhere.

    • DavyJones

      DavyJones - 2004-08-26

      I have the same problem, however the mysql server is hosted by a webhosting service.  I can use various 3rd party apps to access the server (DreamweaverMX, SQL Query, MyGUI, PHPMyAdmin, et cetera) however, MySQLDriverCS complains that is cannot connect (same error posted by Maniac).

      What sort of things do I need to look for to verify whether this will work?  What would I ask my webhost to see if they have something setup that would prevent this?

      The server version is MySQL 4.0.15.

      Thanks in advance for any help, I would love to get this working.


    • DavyJones

      DavyJones - 2004-08-26

      Err.. nevermind. Apparently they just gutted all remote access.


      Thanks anyways, im sure MySQLDriverCS is real cool


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