Input string was not in a correct format

  • rt

    rt - 2004-07-24

    After downloading 3014 and changing my reference to point to the new dll i get the error message "Input string was not in a correct format" on this line:


    this also happens when i run the sample projects included in the download

    i have .net 1.1 installed, and the 3012 dll works fine.  can anyone offer some suggestions as to why 3014 does not work for me?

    • semidark

      semidark - 2004-07-26

      I get the same error with SharpDevelop and the  .net 1.1 framework.

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2004-07-27

      face the same problem when using the MySQLConnectionString object to create the connection string for MySQLConnection object. However, if use the connection string direct with
      "Data Source=mysql;Location=localhost;User Id=user;Password=password;Port=3306;Timeout=60", then it can connect to the database without the above mentioned error.

      It appears that the SQLConnectionString object did not provide a default value for "Timeout" option. The "Timeout" option is checked at line 289 of MySQLConnection.cs.
      When you try to parse nothing, it give problems.


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