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ASP.NET problems (using VB)

  • Adrian Aitken

    Adrian Aitken - 2003-02-02

    Hi, using the following I always get 'MySQLDriverCS Exception: MySQLDriverCS Error: can't connect.' even though the details *are* correct. What gives ?

            Dim mySQLConn As MySQLConnection = New MySQLConnection( new MySQLConnectionString("localhost","mysql","root","xxx",3306).ToString())


        catch ex as exception

            lblConnectionStatus.text  = "Error connecting to host: " & ex.message
            exit sub

        end try

    I'm using the Jan 2003 version of the DLL

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2003-04-02

      Got it to work by changing ToString --> AsString

      I stole that from the JS example page as I'm trying this .NET thing for the first time.

      Good Luck


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