Kris Oye
  • Kris Oye

    Kris Oye - 2004-01-12

    If this is written entirely in C# does that mean it's compatible with MONO?  I am wanting to use it in conjunction with MySQL 4.1+, Mono, and Apache.  Does that seem feesable?

    • Kris Oye

      Kris Oye - 2004-01-13

      the ASP.NET application would be running under Linux, btw.

      So Linux + Apache + <MySQL ADO.NET Provider> + ASP.NET application ... which MySQL provider is best?  MySQLDriverCS?  ByteFX?  Or another?

    • Hexane

      Hexane - 2004-02-01

      Hmmm... Probably a side thing, but how are you able to get an ASP.NET app to run under Linux?

    • keitsi

      keitsi - 2004-04-24

      Hexane: mono comes with an apache module. Have no idea though how good it is.


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