Building a joined query

  • Anonymous - 2003-02-06

    I'm using MySQLSelect and attempting to run a query with a join.  The issue is...

    When setting the where clause, i need to match the PK of each table.  ie: = table2.table1_id

    When creating this type of query table2.table1_id
    is being quoted.. so it's doing an actual value match on table2.table1_id instead of the joined value.

    I am not sure if I'm supposed to create this type of query differently.. I don't see any examples on this type of query so I am at a loss.

    Any help would be appreciated.



    • Anonymous - 2003-02-06

      I used the 1st constructor (long one) and it seems to not quote but it's use in general is not preferred over the 3rd constructor (shortest)

      Is there some logic behind automatically quoting?

    • Anonymous - 2003-02-06

      Ahh.. I figured it out.used WhereNoParamFields instead of WhereParamFields..


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