Connection seems to ignore port

Harri E.
  • Harri E.

    Harri E. - 2008-02-08


    i am using MySqlCC on a ubuntu machine. When i connect to a Database the connection seems to ignore the entered port.
    I connect to localhost:3306 the local mysql-db is connected
    I connect to localhost:3305 the local mysql-db is connected!

    Different ports connecting to the same db!!

    I also tried to connect to a database on localhost 63306 (tunnel to a remote mashine) which i can connect with an other tool.
    MySqlCC is connecting. But to my local database on 3306.

    What is wrong? Is this a bug or did i do something wrong?

    Myabe my installation was wrong already?
    I downloaded the file mysqlcc-0.9.8-fc5.1.i386.rpm, unpacked it to /home/harri/installs/mysqlcc and startet mysqlcc in the directory /home/harri/installs/mysqlcc/usr/bin. I configured the 2 connections and thats all!

    I would be very glad if someone can help me. I do not like the other mysql db tools!

    Harri Elef

    • Harri E.

      Harri E. - 2008-02-08

      I think i have the solution!
      When using localhost as server it semms to ignore the entered port.
      When i use the IP-Adress instead (192.168. ... not it works fine.


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