Compiling on Ubuntu Dapper

Matt Dorn
  • Matt Dorn

    Matt Dorn - 2006-08-16

    First of all, thanks for picking up this project.  I'm still trying to figure out why this great little tool was abandoned in favor of the MySQL Administrator/Query Browser monstrosity.

    I'm having trouble compiling on Ubuntu Linux.  I have the libqt3 headers installed at /usr/include/qt3, and they're version 3.3.  But when I try to configure (having specified the non-standard location with the --with-qt argument), I get the following:

    checking "if Qt Version in /usr/include/qt3 is >= 3.0.5"... no
    Please upgrade your Qt library to version 3.0.5 or higher
    If you do have the correct version of QT installed somewhere
    other than /usr/include/qt3, please specify it as --with-qt= argument




    • J French

      J French - 2006-08-17

      Are you sure that's not /usr/lib{64}/qt-3.3/? That's where mine are on Fedora Core. Have you tried just "./configure && make"?

    • J French

      J French - 2006-08-21

      I see the issue here, but haven't had time to fix it. You do indeed have the right location though.

      Not really sure of what the issue here is, it appears the version test is failing for some reason even though the file and values it should be checking are there, and it's carrying the correct "with-qt" path into the routine that performs the check. When I learn more about this, I'll let you know something.

    • J French

      J French - 2006-10-08

      Could you try using the configure script in the subversion repository and see if that fixes this issue for you?\*checkout*/mysqlcc/trunk/configure?revision=4

    • J French

      J French - 2006-10-09

      I've gotten this to compile and run cleanly on Ubuntu with the 0.9.8 release. Please try this release and see if it works for you. If you're still having issues, please post the output of "uname -rpm"


      • Matt Dorn

        Matt Dorn - 2006-10-28

        Confirmed that 0.9.8 compiles and runs on Dapper.  Thanks!



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