Commit Date  
[r565] by eikenberry

Optimization to savepoint version checking code to eliminate additional query
each savepoint.

2009-01-07 01:45:51 Tree
[r564] by eikenberry

Minor tweak to clean up the code a bit more to my liking.

2009-01-06 00:20:20 Tree
[r563] by eikenberry

3.1 version bump

2009-01-05 23:56:34 Tree
[r562] by eikenberry

Bumped release to 3.1 with addition of savepoint support.

2009-01-05 23:53:08 Tree
[r561] by eikenberry

bug # 2357223

Added savepoint support. Requires MySQL >= 5.0.3.

2009-01-05 23:52:13 Tree
[r560] by adustman

Found one more old-style raise. Should fix #2122496.

2008-10-18 00:13:35 Tree
[r559] by adustman

Found one more Set reference.

Change raise to use the modern syntax for Python 3.0 compatibility.

2008-10-18 00:12:13 Tree
[r558] by adustman

Remove more deprecated Set usage. Refs #2156977.

2008-10-18 00:07:14 Tree
[r557] by adustman

More documentation updates.

2008-10-17 01:07:01 Tree
[r556] by adustman

Documentation and package data updates

2008-10-17 00:59:48 Tree
[r555] by adustman

Fix #2001855: Don't use ez_setup; just use setuptools direction.

2008-10-17 00:52:50 Tree
[r554] by adustman

Fix #2156977: Use frozenset as the base for DBAPISet. Only tested for
Python 2.5.

2008-10-17 00:44:48 Tree
[r553] by adustman

Fix bug #2137599: Better regex for parsing INPUT statements. Passes unit
tests but has not been thoroughly tested.

Bump version to 1.2.3b1.

2008-10-17 00:15:26 Tree
[r552] by eikenberry

Added warning about collation bug.

2008-09-05 17:42:31 Tree
[r551] by eikenberry

Adding comment about use of sym-link in egg packaging.

2008-09-05 01:47:33 Tree
[r550] by eikenberry

Added pypi reference.

2008-09-05 01:43:28 Tree
[r549] by eikenberry

Removing unnecessary manifest file (not needed now that it is SVN).

2008-09-05 01:38:32 Tree
[r548] by eikenberry

Missing quote in long description.

2008-09-05 01:31:53 Tree
[r547] by eikenberry

Egg packaging support files provided by Brett Carter.

2008-09-05 01:25:12 Tree
[r546] by eikenberry

Few more tweaks in for 3.0 release.

Added new credit. Brett Carter contributed egg building code. Thanks.

2008-09-05 00:46:23 Tree
[r545] by eikenberry

A few tweaks to the notes in preparation for the release.

2008-09-04 20:38:13 Tree
[r544] by eikenberry

Changelog and version number changes in preparation for 3.0rc1 release.

2008-08-25 19:55:04 Tree
[r543] by eikenberry

Applied patch from bug 2024618 by Federico Schwindt.

Added basic support for procedure calls using "CALL" query.

2008-08-14 22:52:46 Tree
[r542] by eikenberry

Removed deprecated (and unnecessary) methods line.

2008-08-14 21:40:36 Tree
[r541] by eikenberry

Corrected MySQLdb version dependency (set to 1.2.1).
Added support for NEWDECIMAL field type.

2008-06-27 17:38:53 Tree
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