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[r469] by adustman


2007-02-11 03:54:32 Tree
[r468] by adustman

Fix for #1655760

2007-02-10 20:09:26 Tree
[r467] by adustman

Revert previous reconnect patches and just handle it
with ping([reconnect]).

2007-02-10 19:03:18 Tree
[r466] by adustman

Fix bug #1567804: Make sure lists are copies/slices and not just the original

2007-02-10 05:37:00 Tree
[r465] by adustman

Add connection.autoreconnect() (variant of bug #1574825)

2007-02-10 04:37:15 Tree
[r464] by adustman

reconnect option for connect (bug #1550388).
Enjoy your toes while they last.

2007-02-10 04:16:53 Tree
[r463] by adustman

Remove test_SET() since it cannot work until is fixed
(MySQL-5.1 or 5.2).

2007-02-10 04:06:10 Tree
[r462] by adustman

Patch #1651584 (florentaide): Fixes Windows build

2007-02-10 03:41:19 Tree
[r461] by adustman

Windows build. Completely untested.

2007-01-31 03:55:53 Tree
[r460] by adustman

Fix dumb setup typo.

SET columns can not be reliably returned as Python sets
in MySQL<5.1. Fixes bug #1561190. Also see

2007-01-29 18:00:35 Tree
[r459] by adustman

Factor out most of the setup into is next.

2007-01-03 23:13:58 Tree
[r458] by adustman

Cleaner way to handle the compile-time versioning (via distutils
define_macro), from #1586161 (Alexandr Zamaraev).

2006-10-28 14:53:23 Tree
[r457] by adustman

Fix for Python 2.5.

Added a unit test for single character columns.

Updated download URL.

2006-10-27 23:33:35 Tree
[r456] by adustman

Merge changes from MySQLdb-1.2 branch (448-455)

2006-10-24 19:52:31 Tree
[r455] by adustman


2006-10-13 22:15:14 Tree
[r454] by adustman

Metadata updates, 1.2.2b2

2006-10-13 22:12:34 Tree
[r453] by adustman

Use CP/M-style switch prefixes (/D instead of -D) on Windows.

2006-08-30 04:04:42 Tree
[r452] by adustman

Windows MySQL has a different configuration file (config-win.h)
for inexplicable reasons. (Bug 1548032)

2006-08-30 03:01:17 Tree
[r451] by adustman


2006-08-27 18:07:08 Tree
[r450] by adustman

Version 1.2.2b1.

Raise IntegrityError for a couple types of relatively new errors.
(Bug 1327679)

Add BIT column support. (Bug 1468725)

Return BINARY columns as normal strings, not arrays. (Bug 1495765)

Add support for a new VARCHAR type; behaves like other CHAR types.

Defer issuing warnings when using SSCursors. (Bug 1495782)

Do not try to encode query strings unless they are unicode instances.
(Bug 1521274)

Fix problem with callproc() when it is used before execute() (which is
legal). (Bug 1541124)

Fix formatting of datetime.timedelta values. (Bug 1527801)

Fix connect_timeout documentation bug. (Bug 1523883)

2006-08-27 18:02:48 Tree
[r449] by adustman

Merge changes from 1.2 branch

2006-04-09 04:06:40 Tree
[r448] by adustman


2006-04-09 03:47:46 Tree
[r447] by adustman


2006-04-09 03:37:18 Tree
[r446] by adustman

Fix MANIFEST (well, fixed after the NEXT commit)

2006-04-09 03:36:29 Tree
[r445] by adustman

Update CHANGES file

2006-04-09 03:29:59 Tree
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