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Commit Date  
[r380] by adustman

Apply patch #1179364 for bug #1037468:
DeprecationWarnings for deprecated methods.

2005-04-10 20:41:29 Tree
[r379] by adustman

Restore the begin() method, but issue a DeprecationWarning.

2005-04-03 05:17:34 Tree
[r378] by adustman

Add iterator protocol to SSCurors.

Issue deprecation warnings for special DictCursor methods.

2005-04-03 05:15:51 Tree
[r377] by adustman

Merge in changes from the trunk

2005-04-03 04:23:18 Tree
[r376] by adustman

Add a converter for bool

2005-04-03 04:04:09 Tree
[r375] by adustman

Remove BLOB converter for compatibility with MySQLdb-1.0.0 and newer.

Remove some bogus error handling in query.

Use in _begin to make sure the connection is still good.
ping() should reopen the connection if it is no longer good.

2005-03-06 02:35:06 Tree
[r374] by adustman

Check exit status of mysql_config, since some versions don't seem
to support all options.

Filter include_dirs.

2005-02-25 03:17:14 Tree
[r373] by adustman

Version 1.2.0

2005-02-08 01:28:19 Tree
[r372] by --none--

This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'branch-1-2'.

2005-02-04 17:03:46 Tree
[r371] by adustman

Fix connection leak

2005-02-04 17:03:46 Tree
[r370] by --none--

This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'r_1_1_10'.

2005-02-01 04:01:40 Tree
[r369] by adustman

* Version 1.1.10

* Minor doc updates and setup tweaks.

2005-02-01 04:01:40 Tree
[r368] by adustman

Add additional documentation for RPM build.

2005-01-27 03:05:32 Tree
[r367] by adustman

Fix RPM build

2005-01-27 02:41:24 Tree
[r366] by adustman

Windows fixes

2005-01-25 04:45:30 Tree
[r365] by adustman

Made usable for Windows again. You must set
the mysqlroot environment variable or patch to make
it actually work.

2005-01-23 06:56:55 Tree
[r364] by adustman

Bug #770825

2005-01-23 05:47:40 Tree
[r363] by adustman

add load_infile option and more doc cleanups

2005-01-23 04:49:04 Tree
[r362] by --none--

This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'r_1_1_9'.

2005-01-21 03:25:30 Tree
[r361] by adustman

Documentation updates.

2005-01-21 03:25:30 Tree
[r360] by adustman

* Bump version to 1.1.9

* Reworked Unicode support; please test

* Make Binary() create an array('c')

* Clean up Cursors a bit.

* Add a TimeDelta factory function, even though not in the API spec.

2005-01-20 04:20:19 Tree
[r359] by adustman

* make sure charset has a default (None)

* eliminate lambda usage

2005-01-17 01:51:00 Tree
[r358] by adustman

Should now auto-detect all build settings for any platform.
win32 now requires win32pipe to build. Build has only been
tested on Linux, but AFAIK, os.popen() works properly on
all other platforms, and certainly must work on anything
remotely POSIX/UNIX-like. I am assuming that it will work
on Mac OS X as well.

2005-01-15 02:16:26 Tree
[r357] by adustman

* Overhaul

* Clean up warnings in _mysql.c when SSL is not available

* Tidy up

2005-01-13 05:00:29 Tree
[r356] by adustman

Add GEOMETRY (new in MySQL-4.1)

2005-01-05 03:44:02 Tree
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